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I manage the social presence for my best gal, Betty Crocker — from everyday tweets to long-term strategy.

Life is funny, isn't it?
I got my Master's degree in Community Counseling in 2009 - when social strategy barely existed. I worked in non-profits and community programs for three years, doin' my best to help people. In Portland I'd learned the art of the blog, and in the non-profit world I used Facebook to rally groups around a cause. A love of vintage style and a love of baking got me noticed - General Mills saw potential, and I went corporate. Now I get my Betty on, and still volunteer for my old pals, the nonprofits, on the side. I use my background in psychology and group dynamics every day - honing my skill set to build the best darn brands out there. Maybe it's optimism, but I still think I'm making the world a better place.